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Where the Heck Are You Going to Put All This Baseball Gear?

Spring is right around the corner, which means it is about time for baseball season to kick off. If you are the parent of a baseball player, this means that it is time to start thinking about gear and equipment storage. Here are three ideas for you to consider for what to do with your baseball gear.

Use What You Have

You do not need to get fancy when it comes to storing your baseball gear. Using what you already have on hand will help you to keep everything organized so that you are not always on the hunt for that missing item. Large trash cans make the perfect storage spot for all of your bats. A repurposed toolbox is a great place to store small pieces of gear and accessories such as balls, protective cups and mouthguards. By thinking outside of the box, you will see the promise of your everyday household items.

Easy to Add Storage

If you do not have the existing space to store your gear, you can consider adding storage to accommodate all of your needs. A simple storage shed makes an ideal place to keep everything outside of your house. It's very important to keep things off the ground, no matter how you store them, in order to prevent tripping over something. Hooks along the wall of a storage unit make a great way to keep the bats organized and clean. If you have multiple athletes in your house, you can assign a storage bin to every child.

Keep It in Your Trunk

If your child is competing, practicing or training nearly every day, it makes sense to want to keep the gear in your vehicle. There are a few things to remember if you choose to go this route. Because baseball equipment and gear is expensive, you always want to leave it in a locked trunk and not visible to prowlers. You can also prevent disorganization by using a device that keeps everything in order. There are a variety of trunk organizing systems that you can use to help you to protect the gear while traveling. Utilizing cargo netting and caddies will aid your efforts in making sure that everything has a place and is not just haphazardly thrown into the trunk.

Your kids’ baseball gear can become a nuisance. Before you let your kids hit the field, it is a good idea to have a gear storage plan in place. This will help you to get through the season with as little frustration as possible.

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