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About the Founder


Delrisha Hayes

has always had a desire to obtain a career in the sporting industry, however, after several failed attempts this ambitious and determined young woman decided to create her own opportunity.  While Delrisha was simultaneously maintaining her job within the automotive industry, she founded the organization At Bat in November 2015. Her love for sports, youth, health, and education displays within the organization structure. Delrisha is always working to design baseball and softball activities that create opportunities and leave lasting memories. She takes the love for the game to a new level by using her sabermetrics knowledge to design drills that incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Seven years and counting, Delrisha is still finding ways to connect urban youth to the game by collaborating with community organizations. She is confident that her program will eventually make a lasting impact to increase African-American representation in the MLB from 6% to double digits.

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