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Benefits of Getting Your Teen Into Baseball

There are many benefits to playing baseball or softball, especially for an adolescent. Some of them include creating discipline and motivation in other aspects of life, staying out of various kinds of trouble, such as underage drinking, and getting in exercise while being active outdoors.

Creating Motivation Baseball, like so many aspects of life, requires practice and relevant feedback to improve. For example, a hitter needs practice with a pitching machine or family member to get better at hitting. This practice should include relevant feedback so that the hitter can know how to hold the bat or improve their stance. Practicing and receiving feedback is also how many businesses encourage their employees to improve, so this skill can serve your teenager well throughout life.

Finally, baseball and softball encourage players to learn good sportsmanship, whether winning or losing. For example, one tradition of baseball is that players line up and shake hands with the other team at the end of the game. During this lineup, the team that's won is expected to be courteous to the team that's lost.

Staying Out of Trouble Group sports, like baseball and softball, encourage players to act together for the good of the team. For example, if a team member is engaging in underage drinking, they will not be able to play, especially if they are in a car crash. Among teens, nearly half of drivers involved in crashes have been drinking. Having that responsibility to the rest of the team means that adolescents are less likely to drink. Baseball can also teach adolescents to manage their time wisely because they need to be at the field at a certain time on a certain day. This responsibility gives adolescents a reason to stay out of trouble since they will want to be able to support their team.

Various Health Benefits Baseball encourages exercise by using all the major muscle groups at various times during the game. A good coach will encourage players to stretch properly, protecting the players from injury. Exercise has also been shown to improve mental health and stability. A skilled coach will also encourage better eating habits in their players for benefits on the field.

Playing baseball or softball allows adolescents to get outside and exercise, gives them a reason to stay out of trouble, creates motivation, and encourages the development of life skills. While the same could be said of many other sports, baseball has a history as "America's Pastime" that other sports simply do not enjoy.

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