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3 Signs Your Kid's Coach Is the Right Fit

Playing organized sports can be very beneficial for children. It’s a great way to instill a good work ethic, they can make friends on their teams and, of course, they can stay physically active and fit. Regardless of what sport your child has chosen as their preference, it’s incredibly important that they have the right coach working with them. A coach’s responsibility is to help your child grow in their sport, but a coach should also ensure that your child is safe while they are playing their sport.

They Have Experience

There are a lot of local sports teams that make use of volunteer parents as the primary coaches. There’s nothing wrong with this, because many parents make wonderful coaches. However, if your child is looking to really learn a sport well, you should make sure that they’re working with a coach who has experience in the sport they are coaching. It’s usually very helpful if a coach had played that sport when they were younger. It provides a good level of experience to pass on to the kids.

The Players Are Their Priority

Coaches have an important role in keeping players safe and should be willing to pull a player who is hurt or sick, despite how the game might suffer. If your child has a coach that is making kids play when they’re not feeling their best or has been injured on the field, then this might not be the best coach for your child. Winning is great, but everyone should be in good shape and healthy in order to enjoy the victory.

They Motivate the Kids

There are a lot of coaches that take youth sports far too seriously. Yes, everyone wants to win the games that are being played. However, a coach should never belittle a child to the point that they are feeling discouraged. This is how kids end up quitting sports. It’s important that a coach will motivate the kids on the team. If there is room for improvement, there is a proper way of communicating that to the kids.

Your child might not get the perfect coach for them on the first try. You may need to try a few leagues before you find someone that you prefer. Ask around to see what other families in your area think. There are probably some opinions floating around regarding who are the best local coaches. Keep your eyes open for people with qualities like the ones above, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect coach for your child’s sports team.

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