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What Are Some Effective Communication Methods for Baseball Teams?

Being a part of a team can be a wonderful experience. As a child, sports can teach teamwork, persistence, hard work, and being a good sport. With our schedules busier than ever, it has become difficult for parents to stay informed and on the same page as coaches. Luckily, technology helps this situation. There are all kinds of websites and apps that help parents keep track of the team schedule, roster, events, etc.

Parents Meetings

Before the season begins, it’s beneficial to have a meeting that is for the parents only. This meeting can cover what to expect from the season, what will be taught, what to bring to games, how to best support the kids playing, and how parents can contribute. If there is a need later on, another meeting can take place mid-season. Parents can also swap contact information; if someone needs a ride to a game, this information is a big help.

Communication Apps

Apps for smartphones can provide game reminders, last minute updates for weather forecasts, score updates, and statistics. Communication apps sometimes provide mass phone calling services, which can be especially useful since individual calls can take a long time and group text limits often change between providers. A lot of these upgraded services are free if ads are being displayed, or they can be used by an entire league for a small fee.


Using a communication app through everyone's smartphones is helpful for parents and coaches to stay in touch, but email technology is a great backup for communication as well. Some apps allow you to send a mass email to parents while still updating the app’s information. You'll have everyone's information right at your fingertips. A lot of people still check their email more regularly than they will check an app. This is especially true if they are also using their email address for work-related business.

Whether you’re on the board of directors for a baseball league or team, or you’re a parent that is looking to help the flow of communication, there are a number of different methods that you can use to keep everyone involved informed. You don’t have to invest a ton of money into communication efforts. Doing a little bit of research will usually result in figuring out the best method.

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