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3 Ways to Celebrate the End of the Season

The close of the youth baseball and softball season can be a bittersweet time. While there's still plenty of summer to look forward to, coaches and players alike are bound to feel a bit of a let-down —particularly if the team was lucky enough to land a trophy. Here are a few ways to help ease the transition and celebrate the close of a great season.

Throw a Party

An afternoon barbecue is a nice, casual way to bring the team together if you have enough room for everyone. If space is an issue, or if you just want to plan something a little more special, check out the local bowling alley. These can be great venues for youth gatherings. They usually offer arcades, dining, and other entertainment in addition to the bowling lanes. Depending on the location and popularity of the venue, you might be able to rent out the entire place for a relatively low fee.

Go to a Theme Park

Most kids would fall all over themselves for the chance to visit a theme park. If there's one within a reasonable driving distance, why not treat the kids to an unforgettable day of fun as a reward for their hard work? Disney parks are the gold standard, but even smaller-scale parks can provide hours of entertainment, particularly for tweens and teens who enjoy experiencing their favorite rides multiple times in a row. Look for group discounts or other discounts on theme park tickets to make the trip more doable, especially if you have kids from lower-income families on your team.

Go to a League Baseball Game

If the season was particularly long or hectic, or if there were players who suffered injuries as a result, it might do the whole team good to enjoy a game as spectators. When children spend a season focused on a particular sport, they can sometimes lose sight of the recreational aspects of the game. Attending a league event—whether major or minor—will remind them how much fun the game can be and get them revved up for next year, when they can do it all again. No matter where you host your end-of-season event, try to liven it up with personal touches that will make each member of the team feel special. If you can't decide on a venue, try narrowing it down to two or three affordable options and holding a team vote. That way, they'll feel as if they contributed to both the season and the celebration.

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