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3 Common Baseball Injuries and How to Properly Prepare for Them

The American national sport of baseball is spreading around the world, with the Internet allowing a new generation of fans and players to enter the game from previously non-baseball territories. There are many injuries which are common in the world of baseball, including dental emergencies, pitching overuse injuries, and muscle strains caused by explosive sprints as a hitter or fielder embarks on a run. For each injury, there are both preventative options and those designed to treat each injury with rehabilitation beginning as soon as the injury occurs and is identified by a trainer.

Dental Issues

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports the occurrence of dental emergencies within any youth sport in the U.S. is baseball. Despite the fact hitters and fielders are seeing their teeth damaged in large numbers because of the lack of regulation regarding the success of the use of mouthguards. A mouthguard can cushion the blow of a collision with another player or from a baseball in a successful way. Using a mouthguard is the first step in preventing dental emergencies which should be followed by a plan to limit the damage of a dental problem during a game or practice. If a dental problem occurs, any dislodged teeth should be collected, and an emergency appointment with a dental professional made as soon as possible.

Hamstring and Muscle Strains

Baseball injuries are often seen in the form of batters and fielders being affected by muscle strains which are often seen in thigh muscles and the hamstrings. The explosive nature of running from a standing start to top speed results in many strains which can range in severity from a couple of weeks of rest to a career-threatening injury. In a recent ESPN article, some players were seen as being more susceptible to muscle injuries than others with stretching and warm ups are seen as vital to extending the careers of these players.

Overuse Injuries

The third most common baseball injury is dedicated to pitchers who often see damage to their pitching arm and shoulder due to overuse. Rest is a key part of ensuring players are not damaged by overuse injuries to their elbow, shoulder, and arm muscles. Many pitchers are now being assigned maximum pitch counts such as those prescribed by Stop Sports Injuries which have been proven to help in reducing the effects of overuse injuries. If a player is affected by an overuse injury, the best plan is to seek the assistance of a sports-related medical professional who can work to successfully rehabilitate the player for their future.

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