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4 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean Even With The Messiest Kids

There are many reasons why you should enroll your kid in a baseball program - the benefits are numerous and you’re going to help teach them learn valuable life lessons. Unfortunately, one of those reasons is not for car cleanliness. One moment your might be super clean, and the next, there’s mud and dirt all over. Here are some tips on how to deal with this:

1. Use a Backseat Organizer

Organizers that strap onto the back of the driver's and passenger's seat will make it easy to store toys, snacks, and anything else your little ones will want to play with. You can even use plastic shoe organizers that are designed to hang on doors, as these are affordable and easy to find. These are also great for holding wipes, first aid kits, and any other essentials you might need on a daily basis.

2. Cover the Floors

Floor mats are going to be one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean, with the amount of dirt sports shoes can bring in. You can buy car mats to protect your car carpets from mud and dirt as they are brought inside. However, these are also useful for collecting crumbs and spills as they happen. When you want to clean up, the mats can easily be removed, wiped off, washed, and vacuumed. With these in place, your backseat carpets are far less likely to be ruined.

3. Buy a Remote Control Caddy

A remote control caddy has a flat base with pockets at the side, making it ideal for arms on a couch. You can also use these in your car by placing the flat part underneath the car and booster seats. With this, kids will be able to grab pencils, snacks, sunglasses, headphones, and anything else they need in an instant. They'll also have a place to put things away, making it less likely belongings go on the floor.

4. Clean Up When You're Home

When you arrive home, make it a habit to clean up any garbage, sports gear, toys, or belongings that are out of place in the back of the car. This will only take a few minutes, and it can mean not having to deal with a bigger mess down the road. Make sure you have your little ones help, as the more they do it, the more likely it is to become a habit for them. Plus, there are pretty good reasons for keeping your car clean regularly.

A Better Looking Car

While there's no way to stop kids from making messes entirely, especially when they’ve been running around the field for a while, but the tips above can help minimize them. In fact, they may help keep your car cleaner than ever before. This can save you time, reduce your stress, and keep your kids happy as well.

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