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Why you should enroll your child in a baseball program?

Sports have become a huge part of our American life in the past couple years to a point where it is some peoples whole life. Sports instill a lot of values and skills, especially in younger children when they are more willing to soak in the lessons that are taught to them. Baseball, football and basketball are the clear cut favorites for children growing up in American with baseball being one of the sports that children play at a young age and play up through the levels.

Compared to football and basketball, baseball is easily the hardest to grasp and master. Children are helped through the levels of baseball by having the ball set on a tee and then the next level is having the coach pitch to them. Baseball has different levels which make it interesting to the players, football and basketball are all the same with the level of play but the talent levels just get higher as you go and more complex maneuvers are put into play.

Baseball has similarities with the other two sports in that it teaches you core values that transfer over to other sports. One of the biggest values is discipline, which is used in all sports but is mastered in baseball. It’s easy just to go up to the plate and swing away at all the pitches but it’s another thing to get up to the plate and have a good eye to see what pitches to swing at.

Basketball and football are a lot more physical sport in the sense of almost needed physical contact with other players, this is more apparent in football but you see players driving to the rim in basketball and you see players barreling through each other. The physicality of football has driven away more and more parents as they find more and more disadvantages of children playing tackle football at a young age. Baseball has little to no physical contact with other players and the most common injuries you see are mostly due to an errant pitch by the pitcher.

Basketball is increasing in popularity and so is baseball why football continues on a somewhat steep decline, this is mostly due to the fact that the sports themselves are catering to the younger audience while the scientific findings are making football less and less appealing.

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