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The next BIG thing in the MLB

Shohei who? Shohei Ohtani that is! Exploding onto the MLB stage, Ohtani is a rookie sensation for the Anaheim Angels this season. But there’s one thing that makes Ohtani stand out and that’s his talent. Ohtani is from Japan and is mentioned to be the next Babe Ruth due to the fact that he can pitch and hit.

Ohtani struggled during Spring Training but has found his way after an outstanding first two weeks of April, many asked if he should start in the minor leagues before playing in the majors due to the fact that he could not hit the ball, or at least scouts thought that. Many scouts were certain that Ohtani could not hit MLB level pitching but he has proven the doubters wrong.

Ohtani has made himself personable and has stayed around before and after games to sign autographs. Ohtani even gave a child his bat after the youngster asked Ohtani for the bat; he even signed it and let the child onto the field to meet him.

One thing that Ohtani may bring is change. Ohtani has been a role model for children playing the game and it may bring parents to train their child to pitch and to hit. The Japanese Babe Ruth brings excitement back to the game and has brought the Angels to a contending level since his arrival at the beginning of this season.

One of the things that scouts and GM’s have pondered since Ohtani came over to the United States is how he’ll react to colder weather when he has to pitch on the road in October, if the Angels were to make the postseason. Ohtani decided to join the Angels based on the weather that he would be playing in, Los Angeles is mighty warm during the summer.

On the pitching side, Ohtani is 2-0 this season with a 2.08 ERA. Meanwhile Ohtani is batting a scorching .367 with three homeruns already this season. It will be interesting to see if Ohtani can keep up this play and how teams will react to his pitching and hitting.

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