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Change of Pace

Baseball has always been known to be a game loved by the older generations. It’s been labeled as a boring game and some people believe it’s unwatchable on television. Other professional leagues dwarf the major league level in popularity and it seems as if the game might be making a comeback.

The MLB has taken initiative to try and change the pace of the game and have made changes to the overall game to shorten the time of the game. The biggest thing that the MLB has done to make the pace of the game go faster is limiting those pesky mound visits that plague close games and games that are out of hand.

The MLB has made one change to their minor league system that could come to the major league level. Many people believe that the game of baseball can drag on when it comes to extra innings and it seems like neither team can buy a hit. So Bob Manfred, MLB commissioner, has decided to add a player to second base at the start of the extra inning in an attempt to expedite the extra innings.

No one can predict what will happen in the future, but we can only hope that the game can be revitalized for the younger generations.

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