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Vacations over, back to the enrichment program

After a long snowy winter vacation, it is now time to get back into action. The students within At Bat after-school program have probably forgotten all about the baseball lessons and drills that we went over during the program. So let us recap:


  • We engaged in team building exercises by working together to reach a common goal

  • Grasp a basic understanding of the differences between baseball and softball


  • Introduced catching with an illustration about gravity

  • Experienced what it’s like to play baseball in all four different seasons

  • Participated within an infielding rotation drill

Today we had the pleasure to reiterate catching drills by covering the proper way to throw and catch a ball. To avoid any black-eye incidences such as Scotty Smalls’ from the film The Sandlot, we applied the gold rule: Keep Your Eye On The Ball. Although, some students decided to stand there with their glove lifted above their head anticipating for the ball to drop in it. It was such a pleasure to see the students begin to embrace confidence in themselves by actually moving towards the ball. Getting the ball to land in the students’ glove made students develop assurances that it's not so difficult after all.

At Bat After-School Program

The after-school program is for Voyager Academy K through 8th grade students every Wednesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 5:30 pm expect on non-scheduled school days. To register your child please visit the administrative office to receive an application and waivers forms.

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