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At Bat is an organization dedicated to getting kids outside playing baseball

Image by Antoine Schibler

About Us

We are an amateur sports agency that provides baseball and softball activities
for youth, and teaches them the fundamentals of the sports. These fundamentals
include, but not limited to, reducing injuries, building confidence, and self-

What we know

  • It's expensive to play baseball and softball

  • Youth participation and interest in baseball and softball is declining

  • Access to sporting programs are limited in urban communities

How do we help

  • We provide equipment, free clinics and low-cost programs.

  • We collaborate with youth focused community organizations and encourage their youth to try baseball and softball.

  • We maximize the community space we are given to make the experience of
    baseball and softball one to remember.



Your time is precious, so why not get involved in an organization that striving to make a difference in Metro Detroit.​

Image by Keith Johnston
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