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Choosing the Right Gear and Equipment for Your Little Baseball Player

Baseball is America's pastime in part because of just how many people love to play it, including children. Little League Baseball is a fun way for children to stay active and engage with a sport they might have a lifelong affinity toward. However, it can pose some safety risks, like any sport. It's essential to put safety first and figure out how to reduce those risks. Here's what you need to know about choosing the right gear and equipment for your little baseball player.

Hats and Helmets

One of the most important pieces of equipment in baseball is the batting helmet. Having hard objects thrown at you is all fun and games until things go off course. Getting hit in the head by a ball can cause serious damage if the child is not wearing a helmet, making it all the more important to get one that fits right for the most comprehensive protection available. It's important that your child's batting helmet fits properly, not too tight or too big, as this can help them be comfortable and protect them from traumatic brain injuries.

Fits Like a Glove

Everyone's going to need a glove at some point in the game of baseball, but it's not always as simple as going out and buying the first one you see. There are many different styles of baseball gloves for pitchers, catchers and all the different positions one might occupy on the field. While a Little League player likely doesn't need to think too hard about all of this, it's good to keep these kinds of factors in mind. Also, pay attention to proper sizing when you're helping a child select a glove.

Batter Up

Bats are what make the game of baseball work. Many already know about the differences between wood and aluminum when it comes to bat construction. Fewer know about the proper way to size a bat for a kid, however. In general, child-sized baseball bats range from 27 to 34 inches in length. The smaller sizes are more appropriate for shorter or lighter kids and vice versa. A good rule of thumb is that a player's bat should be around the length of their arm, give or take a few inches. When in doubt, choose a baseball bat that just feels good to hold.

Baseball is a fun sport that provides lots of opportunities for making friends and learning new skills. Help your child stay safe while they play by carefully choosing the gear and equipment they'll need.

If you want your child to get involved in baseball, try enrolling them in one of our upcoming baseball workshops!

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