Benefits of Getting Your Teen Into Baseball

There are many benefits to playing baseball or softball, especially for an adolescent. Some of them include creating discipline and motivation in other aspects of life, staying out of various kinds of trouble, such as underage drinking, and getting in exercise while being active outdoors. Creating Motivation Baseball, like so many aspects of life, requires practice and relevant feedback to improve. For example, a hitter needs practice with a pitching machine or family member to get better at hitting. This practice should include relevant feedback so that the hitter can know how to hold the bat or improve their stance. Practicing and receiving feedback is also how many businesses encourage t

How to Protect Your Child With Allergies During Baseball Season

Having a child with one or more allergies can be a challenging situation to be in. Some allergens will come and go as the seasons change, but other triggers can be lurking anywhere at any time. If your child plays baseball in the springtime, you may need to take special steps to protect them from their allergy issues and symptoms. Bee and Wasp Allergies If your child is going to be outside playing baseball and has bee and wasp allergies, then you should think about how you can prepare for this situation. To help protect your child, carry more than one EpiPen. Sometimes the first dose is not enough to stop the symptoms. Communicate with your doctor to understand the warning signs that a seco

Why Your Child Should Wear a Helmet Even During Practice

Unfortunately, head traumas are all too common in children today, and most of those are related to athletic injuries. The CDC has recently reported that as many as approximately 7% of all kids had reportedly experienced some type of head injury. As stated already, participation in sports is the most common source of these injuries, and many of them are sustained during practice. Too many children tend to be casual about practice and fail to wear the proper safety equipment. This includes head protection, which can prevent many of the problems discussed here. Helmets simply aren't utilized often enough, and as adults, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that kids wear them routinely whenever th



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