What Are Some Effective Communication Methods for Baseball Teams?

Being a part of a team can be a wonderful experience. As a child, sports can teach teamwork, persistence, hard work, and being a good sport. With our schedules busier than ever, it has become difficult for parents to stay informed and on the same page as coaches. Luckily, technology helps this situation. There are all kinds of websites and apps that help parents keep track of the team schedule, roster, events, etc. Parents Meetings Before the season begins, it’s beneficial to have a meeting that is for the parents only. This meeting can cover what to expect from the season, what will be taught, what to bring to games, how to best support the kids playing, and how parents can contribute. If t

Choosing the Right Gear and Equipment for Your Little Baseball Player

Baseball is America's pastime in part because of just how many people love to play it, including children. Little League Baseball is a fun way for children to stay active and engage with a sport they might have a lifelong affinity toward. However, it can pose some safety risks, like any sport. It's essential to put safety first and figure out how to reduce those risks. Here's what you need to know about choosing the right gear and equipment for your little baseball player. Hats and Helmets One of the most important pieces of equipment in baseball is the batting helmet. Having hard objects thrown at you is all fun and games until things go off course. Getting hit in the head by a ball can cau

How to Keep Your Achilles Tendon from Being Your Achilles Heel

Your Achilles tendon is the strongest and largest tendon in your body. It connects your calf to your heel so that you can walk, run and carry out daily activities. If your Achilles tendon is overworked or not flexible enough, you could be prone to extremely inconvenient and potentially painful injuries. Read on for some tips on how to keep your Achilles tendon from being your Achilles heel. Strengthen the Muscles and Tendon One of the best ways to guard your Achilles tendon against injury is to strengthen it. You'll also want to strengthen the body parts around it as well, especially your calf muscles. Think of it as your Achilles tendon calling for backup; you want to maintain strong calves



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