How Does Oral Health Impact Physical Health?

The importance of your oral health to your overall health is more significant than you may realize. The health of your teeth, gums and mouth can greatly affect the function of many other areas of the body. Poor oral hygiene can cause plaque to build up in the mouth, creating an environment that is conducive to the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. Here are three primary ways that oral health impacts physical health. Regulating Blood Sugar A healthy mouth plays an important role in the regulation of the body's blood sugar levels. Likewise, if you already have diabetes, you are automatically more likely to develop gum disease. Chronic gum disease makes it more difficult to keep diabetes i

Sports Safety--All About Mouthguards

If your child is involved in sports, you've probably heard about mouthguards. From boxing to football to hockey, mouthguards are an important line of defense against injuries to your child's teeth. This guide will help you understand more about mouthguards, how to care for them and which activities might require them. Mouthguards Mouthguards are a simple and inexpensive way to prevent dental injuries while playing sports according to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry. Made of a flexible material, the devices fit around the patient's upper teeth, preventing them from damaging the lower teeth, tongue or soft tissues of the mouth. Mouthguards can protect against broken teeth and lacerations to the



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