3 Types of Sports-Related Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Whether it is through group sports or individual gym sessions, it is no secret that physical activity helps regulate weight and keeps the body healthy. However, sports injuries are a real threat to your ability to stay active. Luckily, most sports-related injuries are not only treatable but are also preventable. Joint Sprains You may sprain a joint if you overstretch or tear a ligament. The areas that are commonly affected by joint sprains include the back, knees, wrists, thumbs, and ankles. Certain sports increase the risk of spraining a joint, such as football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, and golf. While the R.I.C.E. method has been popular for decades as a first aid approach, Spartan asse

Common Baseball Injuries to Watch Your Child For

Baseball is a popular sport that is enjoyed by millions of children each year. The sport offers many potential benefits to your child, but there are some injury concerns. The following injuries are fairly common to young baseball players, and it's important to recognize the signs and symptoms of these injuries. Knee Injuries The medial collateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligament are both needed for the knee to remain stable. The sudden stops involved with base running and chasing down ground balls can result in a sudden strain on these ligaments. The pain involved with ACL and MCL injuries is both sudden and severe. A popping sound is often heard when this injury occurs, and the young

4 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Baseball

Playing baseball is a rite of passage for many children. It is no surprise that so many families flock to this quintessential youth sport because it offers a variety of benefits to the athletes who decide to try it out. Here are four reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in a baseball program. Baseball Teaches Teamwork Baseball is the ultimate sport to learn teamwork. Every player on the field has a specific position, and a team will never win without every position working for the common good of the team. While so much of the sport is focused on individual statistics, it is the teamwork that brings about the win. For example, a pitcher should be able to feel confident that if



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