Have a Gifted Youngster? Help Them Reach Their Potential

You've been blessed with a gifted youngster, and you want to help your child reach for the stars. Often, traditional classroom models of instruction aren't enough for students who push the boundaries of learning. They are ready to grow in leaps and bounds, so they need enrichment opportunities that can help their minds to continue to soak up as much knowledge as possible. You can help your child reach his or her full potential when you look for schools that offer more than your typical classroom. Research Your Options The first step is to scope out all the possibilities that are available for your child. Find out if there is a middle school in your area that caters to gifted students. Middle

How You Can Support Your Teen's Aspirations to Play College Baseball

In today's competitive world of high school baseball, it can be harder than ever to receive a coveted college scholarship. Although the onus of the burden lies with the student-athlete, parents also play a critical role in helping their son to achieve their dream of playing the game beyond high school. Here are four ways that you can support your teen's aspirations to play college baseball: Practice Good Time Management Effective time management is a learned behavior. Parents can help their athlete succeed both in the classroom and on the field by equipping them with the knowledge to most effectively manage their time and prioritize their schedule. The high school guidance counselor is also



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